Thursday, January 14, 2016

One Down, Many More To Go

Maybe there's hope for America after all. It seems that the propaganda outlet of islamic terrorism has failed in its attempt to brainwash people in this country.
After months riddled with troubles and controversy at cable news channel Al Jazeera America, the company has revealed it is shutting down operations as of April 30.

According to CNNMoney, it’s estimated that hundreds of staffers will lose their jobs as a result. The announcement came during a staff meeting Wednesday, leaving many — including executives — in tears.
Oh boo-friggin'-hoo...
To put it lightly, the past few months hasn’t been great for the media company that began just two and a half years ago. For instance, the New York Times busted the station’s general counsel for “not having a license practice law.”
That fits the general modus operandi of Al Jazeera. Their reporters and commentators don't have a license to practice journalism.
There have also been lawsuits from former employees alleging there’s a culture of sexism and anti-Semitism in the newsroom.
Really?!? Sexism and anti-Semitism in a muslim-friendly media outlet? What a surprise!
Amidst the understandable shock and heartache among employees after learning the news, some tell the New York Daily News they saw it coming:

“This is a mercy killing — it’s like having a manic depressive father because you never know what the f— you’re waking up to with this company.”

With morale seemingly low, that’s not the only thing that’s hanging on by a thread.

Al Jazeera’s ratings are a third less than other major news networks...
OMG - you mean they even beat MSNBC?

Well, maybe not. I'm not sure MSNBC quaalifies as a 'major news network.'
The company’s CEO, Al Antsey, says she’s proud to have worked with such “excellent” journalists, but blames the “economic landscape of media” for closing up shop.
Two misstatements lies in one sentence. No wonder the islamic mouthpiece is going belly-up.

Good riddance to bad rubbish...

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