Saturday, April 11, 2015

Flaming Trousers

I have a friend who is a staunch conservative/libertarian. She went to see Bill Clinton speak as part of an industry-sponsored conference. I was somewhat taken aback when she posted the following.
I enjoyed hearing Bill Clinton speak a lot more than I thought I would... After listening to Bill speak, I believe that, no matter his faults, he does love his country and has faith that our problems can be solved if people will work together - traits that our current president is lacking.
No argument about the Clinton vs. obama  perspective. And I don't mean to question her insight. After all, she was there and I wasn't. Furthermore, there is no doubt that Bill Clinton is a captivating and persuasive speaker. But I found it interesting that the day after Slick Willie's speech this article was published.

Liars in High Places
You have to admire someone who can look you squarely in the eye, wag his index finger at you, and vociferously deny what is in fact the truth. But President Clinton may not have believed that he had actually lied. You see, “it depends on what the meaning of [sexual relations] is.” By Clinton’s lights, receiving oral sex isn’t sex. Who knew?

More than anyone else, it was Clinton who drove the Lewinsky scandal. Clinton’s lies and language games were what plunged the nation and the federal government into his sleazy swamp. And it was all unnecessary, because if his objective was to hang onto his job, Clinton didn’t need to lie. Indeed, he may have avoided impeachment altogether had he come out in the beginning and admitted to being the recipient of certain unsought-for attentions. Had he admitted upfront to a moment of weakness, the existence of a stained blue dress would have been assumed; it wouldn’t have had any power to damage. But no, Bubba had to lie.

And having lied, Clinton guaranteed his impeachment, as perjury in a grand jury is a felony, a high crime and therefore impeachable. The fellatio with an underling off the oval office was tawdry. But perjury, that’s big. Senators who might overlook the sex (or whatever you want to call it) weren’t going to overlook perjury...

But all that lying didn’t hurt Clinton too much with the public. And now he’s an elder “statesman,” the Big Dog; he’s Elvis, and all is forgiven...

For the political class, lying to the public is no big deal, as they’re rarely held accountable... The media seems to be trying to condition the American people into accepting lying by politicians in high places. (emphasis added)

It’s instructive to watch the Truth Revolt video of Clinton’s “that woman” press conference as it goes long enough to include the hearty standing ovation he was given by the nation’s journalists. The media can’t resist a bravura performance by a master liar.

During the Anthony Weiner scandal, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell expressed incredulity that an elected official would have to resign because of lying. Given his position on lying, why believe O’Donnell about anything?

As for who is the more accomplished liar, Clinton or Obama, I’d have to give the gold medal to Obama. If you Google “Obama lies” with quotation marks, you’ll get thousands of hits, including Obama Lies. Obama even won PolitiFact’s 2013 Lie of the Year. Of course, neither one of them has any shame, but lying seems to come more naturally to Obama. Lying is Obama’s default position, his first refuge; it’s his go-to response: Don’t look here, there’s “not even a smidgeon of corruption”.

The problem for serial liars is that eventually they run out of an essential capital -- credibility. Once the liar’s credibility is used up, he’s done. The question for those who still support Barack Hussein Obama is why do they believe anything he says? If he lied about that, he’ll lie about this. Is it rational to believe Obama when he says Iran will not get nukes?

Recently, CNN’s Dana Bash asked Sen. Harry Reid about his 2012 lie concerning GOP candidate Mitt Romney. On the Senate floor, Reid had said: “Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn't.” Ms. Bash asked Reid if he had any regrets because “some people have even called it McCarthyite.” Reid answered: “Romney didn’t win, did he?”
Typical lying politician douche-bag. The truth or nothing else matters as long as your side wins.

I was raised to believe there is nothing lower than a liar. I believe that to this day. That's why I have nothing but contempt for lying politicians and their media enablers.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

When you are right, you are right. Dick Morris is doing a good job of showing how both Clintons have set up taking massive bribes as an industry.

Bag Blog said...

Lying is a big deal to me. And lying to a grand jury, well, that should have been it for Clinton. As for having an affair with a young intern, we've seen some high ranking military officers' careers ruined for having sexual relations with a subordinate or someone who is not their wife. How come it was okay for the Commander and Chief?

CenTexTim said...

WSF - They've been chasing money ever since their early days.

BB - Not just military officers, but corporate executives as well. The double standard is alive and well.