Friday, April 3, 2015

Common Detonator

I got back home last night and spent a few minutes catching up on the news. I'm sorry I did so. It was depressing as hell.

All these headlines were from one day - Thursday, 2 April.

147 dead, Islamist gunmen killed after attack at Kenya college
"...gunmen burst into a Christian service. Taking hostages from the service, they then "proceeded to the hostels, shooting anybody they came across except their fellows, the Muslims."

The attackers separated students by religion, allowing Muslims to leave..."

Al Qaeda frees 300 inmates from Yemeni jail, including militants
Al Qaeda militants in Yemen stormed the center of the coastal city of al-Mukalla early Thursday, freeing about 300 inmates, including scores of militants...

Suicide blast kills at least 13 in east Afghanistan
A suicide bomber on Thursday killed at least 13 people and wounded around 40 others...

19 people killed in Egypt's Sinai attacks
At least 15 military men and four civilians were killed in simultaneous armed attacks on checkpoints in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on Thursday...

Okay, class, what's the common thread tying all those tragedies together?

That's right - militant islam.

Against this backdrop, obama reached an agreement with the biggest sponsor of islamic terrorism in the world.

Obama: Historic deal reached on Iran nuclear program
US President Barack Obama called the preliminary agreement reached in Switzerland a “historic understanding” that would prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons...
Isn't that what he said a few years ago about sanctions?

Oh, wait, here's the spin.
The “toughest sanctions in history," did have a “profound effect on Iran's economy” and helped bring Tehran to the negotiating table, (obama) said.
Keep in mind that while the deal was being negotiated the Supreme Leader of Iran said, and continued to say, “death to America.”

Those 'people' simply cannot be trusted. I only hope that at some point in the not too distant future we don't look back on this agreement and rue the day when barry sold us down the river.

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