Tuesday, August 5, 2014


As illegal immigrants continue to flood across our southern border and overwhelm our ability to handle them, barack obama continues to foist them off in the dead of night on unsuspecting communities. Indiana is the latest state to wake up in the morning and experience a "Who are you and how did you end up in my bed?" moment.

Indiana's Illegal Alien Surprise
Indiana Governor Mike Pence is but the latest state official to discover that the federal government has been delivering illegal alien shipments to his area without notifying him.  Pence learned about the arrival of two hundred Unaccompanied Alien Children by watching the news.  Considering how frequently President Obama claims he learns about everything by watching the news, there’s a touch of irony there.
That's troubling enough. But what is even more disturbing is the obama administration's claim that the illegal immigrants have a 'right to privacy' that supersedes our right to know what's going on in our own communities.

White House: Privacy Rights of Illegal Aliens Trump Our Right to Know What the Government Is Doing to Our Communities
In case you are wondering why our government won’t tell us what it has been doing with the thousands upon thousands of welfare colonists it has been allowing to unlawfully invade the country, it is because illegal aliens allegedly have a right to privacy, whereas we do not have a right to know what our rulers are doing to our future, as absurdly named White House spokesliar Josh Earnest recently explained...
I'm really getting tired of this crap...

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