Monday, August 11, 2014

First Day Back

As previously mentioned, I had to take my father to a doctor's appointment today. I love Dad deeply and would do anything for him.


Got in late last night (1:30 a.m.). Had to get up relatively early (8:00) to pick the dogs up from the kennel where they'd been staying while we were gone. (Actually, it's not a kennel. It's a 'pet resort' - thank the wife and kids for that decision.)

Anyway, I retrieved the mutts, did a few catch-up chores around the house, and then left to take care of Dad. We live in the country, he lives in a nearby small town, and the doctor's office is in the Big City. Total travel time from my front door to Dad's to the doc is 1.5 hours one way. Add in two hours at the doctor's office, one hour to get something to eat, and another 1.5 hours for the return trip. Bottom line, it took a six hour chunk out of my day.

Made me late for Happy Hour.

Not to mention that dealing with all the assorted traffic, construction, and general assholes that one encounters in the Big City left me desperate for a cold beer.

Many, many cold beers...


Bag Blog said...

Last week I took my mom in for cataract surgery. Her appointment was for 11:15. We sat in the waiting room until 1:30. Since the whole process takes three hours, it was 5PM before we got home. That does not include the 1.5 hours it takes me to drive to her house. Sometimes I hate doctors.

Old NFO said...

Four hours in the rain today for what turned out to be a 30 minute meeting... sigh... Beer me! :-)

CenTexTim said...

BB - I don't blame the doctors as much as I blame the medical industry and insurance providers that overbook - just like airlines.

NFO - Check out this video. It reminds me why I left the corporate world.