Friday, February 8, 2013

Take Your Blood Pressure Medicine Before Reading This

News reports indicate that Illinois democrat congresscritter Jesse Jackson Jr., son of race pimp and adulterer JJ Sr., is facing prison time and may be ready to sign off on a plea agreement. Jackson is facing charges involving misuse of campaign funds. But there's a catch.

Before signing a plea deal, Jackson Jr. insisted on receiving a disability package from congress.

Criminal Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr. to Receive Disability Pay From Congress  (H/T JWF for the story)
Before handing in his letter of resignation and giving up his seat in the 2nd District, Jackson applied for his disability package. That was done in mid-October, after Jesse Jackson Jr. checked out of the Mayo Clinic where he was being treated for bi-polar disorder.

Sources say the former congressman received that approval letter in November just days before giving up the congressional seat he'd held since 1995.
So after stealing taxpayer money taking up space in congress for almost two decades, JJ Jr. stole money from his supporters. When he got caught he got all depressed and weepy. And now he expects us -- the taxpayers - to continue to support him because he's depressed?


BTW - Following in the footsteps of dear old dad, JJ Jr. also had an affair.

Like father, like son...


Toejam said...

(Forehead slap)

What fools many Americans are for voting into office and supporting proven decadent figures.

CenTexTim said...

Ain't that the truth...