Saturday, February 2, 2013

Has It Really Come To This?

I don't know all the details, and I truly hope there is not anything here I'm missing, but I'm taking this at face value.

Decorated Combat Veteran arrested in New York: Charged with 5 felonies for possession AR magazines
On Sunday January 6th Staff Sgt. Nathan Haddad, a decorated combat veteran, was driving through Jefferson County New York when he was randomly pulled over for a vehicle check.
Again, I don't have all the details. But WTF is up with 'random vehicle checks'? Last time I looked this was America, with Constitutional rights protecting us from unreasonable search and seizure.

Fourth Amendment: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated..."
Haddad, who had five 30 round empty magazines in his possession, was arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and charged with five felony counts.

This is not a criminal, this is not some thug looking to hurt people; this is a decorated combat veteran who was recently honored by the Philadelphia chapter of Blue Star Mothers and the Union League’s Armed Services Council for helping disabled vets get back on their feet. What’s happening to Army veteran Nate Haddad is an absolute attack on liberty. Here we have a man who honorably served his country, who was trusted with weaponry that far exceeded anything he was carrying, that now finds himself facing the possibility of spending years in prison.

Still think these gun control laws are meant to stop criminals?

Nathan Haddad’s brother has set up a legal defense fund for his brother who cannot afford to fight these charges on his own. We ask that you share this story with everyone you know so that this attack on Hassad is seen for what it is, an attack on every law abiding citizen in America.
Now contrast SSG Haddad's story with this scumbag.

13 Felonies: NY Teen Released On Bail After Holding Girl At Gunpoint, Raping And Assaulting Her
Zachary Currier is walking the streets of New York, with 13 felonies and 6 misdemeanors to his name. His victim — an unnamed girl under the age of 17 — is no doubt sleeping fitfully, knowing that her attacker is still free. And, regardless of how many times he is arrested, he seems to keep coming back for more.

After being arrested for holding the girl at gunpoint, Zachary Currier was released on bail. He violated orders barring him from contact with the girl and was released on bail after each violation. Finally, he returned to the girl’s house, breaking in and raping her. Again, he was released on bail. Again.

Currier...currently has these felony charges to his name:  first-degree rape, three counts of second-degree burglary, first-degree sexual abuse, and eight counts of first-degree criminal contempt. Currier is also charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, second-degree menacing, third-degree attempted assault, and two counts of second-degree criminal contempt, misdemeanors. 
I weep for the future of my country...


Bear said...

Quite sickening, on both counts.

Toejam said...

Roger that Bear.

Looks like the NY boys in blue have received their marching orders. Their bosses will kiss governor Cumo's spincter by shooting fish in a barrel while the bad-guys have a field day.

If the Sgt was silly enough to have those 30 round mags in plain view his chance of beating the rap, considering the current emotional furvor, is pretty slim. Still if I were the officer and he explained his situation I'd told him to get them out of sight pronto.

As far as the second travesty of justice goes it portends the future for America under the judicial guidence of the Liberals and their flunky judges.

tc in tx said...

According to this story, , Haddad was parked and waiting for someone to sell the magazines to. Changes the situation slightly, but still wrong to go after him so severely!

Old NFO said...

Hosed up... Period... And yeah, NY has their marching orders...

CenTexTim said...

Bear - Agreed.

Toejam - Right on. One of the less commented-on results of the obama re-election is that he'll be appointing federal judges at all levels, not just the Supreme Court. That will have troubling consequences for many, many years.

tc - thanks for the update. It looks like he did break the law (IMO a stupid and unnecessary law, but still a law) and that NY is going to make an example of him. But seriously, a "class D violent felony?" Seems like overkill to me.

NFO - "hosed up" is the polite term for it. And Haddad is definitely hosed up.

Toejam said...

More bad news regarding:

1) The military (ex-military)

2) Weapons

CenTexTim said...

Sad and ironic that Kyle was killed by the person he was trying to help.