Wednesday, February 20, 2013

He Feels Our Pain

I feel much better about sequestration after learning that the White House says it could also feel sting of spending cuts.
In the latest dire warning about the effects of automatic government spending cuts known as the "sequester," an Obama administration official said on Wednesday that not even the White House's own operations will be spared.

"The Executive Office of the President is subject to the sequester, and we anticipate significant disruption to our operations and mission, which could include furloughs," said the official, who did not provide further details.
Of course no further details were provided. Those leeches won't stop sucking the blood from taxpayers' necks until they're booted out of office. I'll believe it when I see a reduction in the number and extravagance of barry and michelle's vacations.
President Barack Obama has been sounding the alarm about the impact of the $85 billion in automatic across-the-board government spending cuts set to take effect on March 1.

The White House has talked about potential layoffs for a broad spectrum of federal employees such as emergency workers, preschool teachers and meat inspectors to illustrate the impact, part of an effort to spur congressional Republicans to negotiate with Democrats to avert the cuts.
While we're at it, let's not forget that this whole sequestration mess is obama's idea. Even the uber-liberal Washington Post acknowledges that.

Oh, and BTW - the $85 billion in spending cuts amounts to less than 3% of the annual federal budget. No argument that some will feel the impact more than others (e.g., the DoD), but overall federal spending will actually increase under sequestration (here and here).

I'm so tired of this crap. I'm going to wander off now and seek wisdom in the bottom of a bottle of Shiner...


Old NFO said...

Yeah, but the damn congresscritters DON'T get furloughed... dammit...

CenTexTim said...

Oh man, I'd give what little is left of my hair to see their worthless asses laid off!

And we'd all be better off for it...