Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Breaking News - LOL!

From the comments at an updated Gateway Pundit post reporting that CA dirtbag Chris Dorner is dead (unconfirmed):
Tough call for the networks tonight. Decisions, decisions . . . . . .

Either they cover the story of an angry, ultra-paranoid, narcissistic, evil, black man intent on getting people killed and spreading hatred and anger, or they cover the Dorner story?


jeff said...

Usually "if it bleeds it leads", but when the bad guy is a liberal,they find flexibility. SOTU it is!

Bag Blog said...

I saw a news bit about Chris Dorner on my MSN page. I turned on the TV to get more info, but instead, I got lots of pre-crap of the State of the Union speech. I decided that I would rather watch the dog show.

CenTexTim said...

Jeff, if you actually watched it you're a better man than me.

BB - wise choice.