Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Golf Is More Dangerous Than What???

In my profession, we try to base our opinions and decisions on data, not conjecture. A good example of the difference between what everyone 'knows' and what the facts tell us is exemplified by the following. Plus this is the middle of hunting season, so I thought it was timely.

Contrary to public opinion, hunting is safer than golf
... hunting with firearms is one of the safest recreational activities in America.

... hunting ranks third in safety when compared to 28 other recreational pursuits, ranging from baseball to wrestling. Hunting with firearms has an injury rate of 0.05 percent, which equates to about 1 injury per 2,000 participants, a safety level bettered only by camping (.01 percent) and billiards (.02 percent). For comparison, golf has an injury rate of 0.16 percent (1 injury per 622 participants), while tackle football topped the list of activities with an injury rate of 5.27 percent (1 injury per 19 participants).
This did come as a bit of a surprise to me. I knew hunting was relatively safe, but I had no idea that it was safer than golf. How on earth do you get hurt playing golf? Of course, if you play like me you could throw a club in disgust after a lousy shot and hit someone. Or drink too much and drive the cart into a tree.
"Many people have the misconception that hunting is unsafe, but the data tells a different story," said Jim Curcuruto, NSSF's director of industry research and analysis. "Comprehensive hunter education classes that emphasize the basic rules of firearm safety and a culture of hunters helping fellow hunters practice safe firearms handling in the field are responsible for this good record."

To put hunting's safety standing into perspective, compared to hunting a person is . . .
• 11 times more likely to be injured playing volleyball
• 19 times more likely to be injured snowboarding
• 25 times more likely to be injured cheerleading or bicycle riding
• 34 times more likely to be injured playing soccer or skateboarding
• 105 more times likely to be injured playing tackle football.
Furthermore, in the big scheme of things, firearms account for a miniscule 0.5% of all unintentional fatalities.

Of course, all this means nothing to the anti-gun nuts. Their motto is "My mind is made up. Don't confuse me with the facts."


CharlieDelta said...

Yeah, the gun grabbers never let the facts get in the way of their over-blown, fabricated, emotional bullshit propaganda...

Jim - PRS said...

I think I shall hunt with billiard balls.