Thursday, November 10, 2011

God Help Us - obama Is Going To Win

Rick Perry didn't just shoot himself in the foot in last night's debate. He blew his entire leg off.
Rick Perry and his campaign went into damage-control mode Thursday as Perry vowed to put an epic debate gaffe behind him...
The reaction of Herman Cain and his staff to the sexual harassment charges -- regardless of whether they are true or not -- has raised serious questions about his ability to run a national campaign for the presidency.
Need a lesson on how not to react when your campaign hits a crisis? Look no further than the response of GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain’s camp to the sexual harassment allegations that have imperiled his bid for the Republican nomination.
Newt Gingrich may be the most qualified candidate and the most ideologically acceptable candidate to conservatives, but he comes to the campaign toting a lot of baggage - perhaps too much to be electable.
The collapse of Cain has caused many people to look to Newt Gingrich as the new conservative savior. However, he may not be any better than Cain or the other candidates. Indeed, he could very well be a lot worse.
As for the front-runner, Mitt Romney, he excites no one and is leaking momentum faster than Michael Moore sweats gravy out his pores.
The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that while Romney would still do the best head-to-head with Obama, he is slipping, now trailing Obama by 6 points in a head-to-head matchup, a 4-point drop since last month. But more dangerous is how he scores with the most important part of any successful GOP electoral coalition. Even with Obama’s job-approval rating stuck at 44 percent, Romney is losing ground.

Says the Journal today: “white, working-class voters are ready to vote for an unnamed Republican over Mr. Obama by 48% to 36%, Mr. Romney finds himself deadlocked with Mr. Obama among that key demographic, 44% to 44%.”

The enthusiastic support of these voters – call them Reagan Democrats or conservative independents if you like – is the way the GOP wins. A Republican who ties Obama in this Demographic would get smoked.
How did it come to this? The most inept president in the memory of every living voter is going to get reelected because the republicans couldn't come up with a single decent candidate.

Of course, there's a long way to go, and a lot can happen between now and next November. But I'm not optimistic...


Jim - PRS said...

I hope you are wrong (as I'm sure you do), but I have the horrible feeling that you may be right. If so, game over.

Harper said...

As much as I think party politics sucks, I think the inability of the Republican party to find a good candidate and get behind him is partly responsible for this mess. Used to be, the RNC would fully vet a candidate before they were out on the campaign trail. Now it seems they sit back and let the media hounds do their damage and then get behind the last man standing.

Old NFO said...

I hope HOPE you are wrong, but I'm not sure anymore... and Romney would be just as bad... sigh