Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Will They Think Of Next

A little while back I posted about a woman who crashed her car because she was shaving her vajayjay while driving. Based on the traffic stats, that has become one of my more popular posts. So in response to customer demand, below are a couple of links to related topics. (That's a business professor's way of saying I'm shamelessly pandering to those readers interested in such things.)

If you're a 'less is more' type, here's some hints for nether region grooming.
Decide On What Pubic Style You Want
This may sound quite an obvious thing to say but you need to get it clear in your mind what style you want. It's so easy to start trimming away and then realize that you have gone too far and removed more hair than you had anticipated. To avoid any embarrassing mishaps, decide first before you reach for the shaver. Also, what style you choose will dictate what equipment you will need.

Trimming Your Pubic Hair

If you are feeling a bit wary about the whole subject of pubic hair shaving, you may want to just give yourself a little trim to start or you may just want a tidy up for that trip to the beach or swimming pool maybe. If you are a man and a bit unsure about how much hair to remove, a quick trim can drastically improve the appearance of your pubic hair.

Ideally, the pubic hair you are about to trim should be freshly washed and dried. This has the advantage of fluffing the hair up so you can see how much to take off.

The Brazilian Style

The Brazilian style of pubic hair shaving or removal basically means shaving all the hair off until your pubic region is completely bare. Many people find the experience very liberating especially the first time they do it. There are other practical reasons too. Many people report heightened sensitivity when involved in sexual interactions.

Fun Pubic Styles

If you are committed to shaving your pubic hair, why not go for something a bit different? You can 'sculpt' your pubic hair into a variety of different shapes and designs. This will provide a fun surprise for a lover, or make quite a talking point amongst your friends. Some common designs are the 'Landing Strip'. This is essentially a narrow strip extending from the lower pubic bone to the top on the genitals. The width and length are entirely up to you. Another popular design is the 'Triangle' or for your loved one, why not try a heart shape. For the really adventurous, you could use hair dye to add that extra dimension.

To achieve these designs may take a bit of skill. If you know somebody who will help you, all the better. Every artist needs a good canvas...
There's more at the link above. Sorry, no pictures.

If you feel like a little something extra, you can go beyond hair removal and Vajazzle Your Vajayjay.
You’ve tried everything to spruce up your lady parts. First, you made sure your garden was neat and tidy. Then, you trimmed up the hedges. Finally, you decided to go for the gold and deforested all of “virginia.” Where does a girl go from here?

One sparkly, special word: Vajazzle.

Vajazzling is a burgeoning beauty treatment, popular with celebs and kinky Martha Stewart-ites alike, that involves ladies bedazzling their freshly waxed lady parts ... with tiny, magical crystals.

Jennifer Love Hewitt sparked this sparkly trend a few weeks ago when she announced her labia luster on Lopez Tonight. “After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady," J.Love said, while discussing her new dating book. "It shined like a disco ball, so I have a whole chapter in there on how women should vajazzle their vajayjays."

These “labia sprinkles” (yes, that’s what I’m calling them) seem to serve double duty. They cover up those unsightly skin reactions that appear after no-nonsense Natasha rips hair from your body with her pot-o-molten-wax. Vajazzling also masks all evidence of childbirth.

Bryce Gruber, a writer from just gave the old vajazzle dazzle a whirl. She underwent a vajazzling treatment to cover her C-section scars. Here’s a description of the service she received from New York’s Completely Bare spa, the artists behind her pretty private-part art:

“Accessorizing your privates is the hottest rage. From crystal flowers to customized favorites, you too can now decorate your own jewels. Whether it’s a special occasion or you just want to sparkle everywhere, you can choose from an assortment of real Swarovski crystal designs so you can shimmer and shine."

My car shimmers and shines after I wash it. So does our Christmas tree. I'm not sure that's desirable, or even appropriate, for women.

On the other hand, it could lead to a career change for me...

UPDATE: In one of those Internet coincidences, Peter posted something along the same line, only his has links to pictures for all you pervs out there.

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Harper said...

I clicked through the links and had a few giggles. Then I spewed Shiner, reading a man's comment about one of the hidden dangers of vajazzling:

'No one wants to choke on the baby in the king cake'.