Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Monday

Our weekday morning routine starts with my wife taking her shower while I make the bed and the coffee, and let the dogs out. This morning, she's in the bathroom lathering herself up when I tug on the contoured sheet to get the wrinkles out. It was either one hell of a tug or a very worn sheet, because it ripped right down the middle.

After starting the coffee, I gathered up the bird feeders to take them outside. We have four of the damn things. They're about 1 1/2 feet tall, 4 inches in diameter, and hold close to 2 pounds of bird seed. They have a little metal loop at the top from which they hang (see the picture below). We bring them in at night to prevent raccoon raids. Those furry little vandals have made a large nuisance of themselves lately, knocking down the bird feeders, carrying away hummingbird feeders, getting into the garage where we keep the trash and dog food, and just generally behaving like liberals (taking things they have no right to, and messing up what they don't carry off).

Anyway, as I was carrying the feeders outside, the little metal loop at the top of one of them came off. The feeder fell (right onto my toe, naturally) and spilled its 2 pounds of seed all over the kitchen floor.

While I was cleaning up the seed, the kids came downstairs for breakfast. After laughing at me on my hands and knees under the table sweeping up seed, one of them opened to door to let the dogs back in. Somehow, in the two minutes they were outside, they found the only mud puddle for miles around. They bounded happily into the living room, leaving muddy paw prints all over the carpet.

So to date my Monday has been spent making beds, sweeping floors, and vacuuming.

I thought Mother's Day was yesterday...

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