Monday, May 9, 2011

FOD 2011.05.09

I spent most of Sunday prepping, cooking, and cleaning for/after our Mother's Day dinner. Actually, I spent most of the time supervising the kids as they did most of the work.

It certainly would have been quicker, not to mention much easier, to do the work myself. But I'm trying to teach them skills they will need in the future, and part of that is to let them do the work, make the mistakes, and learn from that.

I went through this exercise because I'm concerned about our children's future. That is one reason I consider obama to be not only incompetent, but a very real threat to my kids and their generational cohort. There's no need to go into the details here. Most thinking people are already aware of them (I'm assuming that any readers of this blog are thinking people, which differentiates them from the majority of voters in 2008).

Anyway, I'm too tuckered out to put much effort into today's post, so I've borrowed the following images from Enjoy.

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Harper said...

The Mr had to work Sunday morning for a bit, so I got to "help" my 8-year old make me a cake. I told my husband that unless he was going to be home to help, the only thing the kids need to make next year is reservations.