Monday, November 23, 2015

FOD 2015.11.23

obama has been castigating everyone who opposes allowing Syrian refugees into our country without adequate vetting. Setting aside the national security concerns and political implications, let's instead view the issue through the lens of 'do as I say, not as I do.'
Once again, Barack Obama is attempting to heap condemnation on Americans for being concerned that ISIS, as promised, will infiltrate the U.S. and do it by exploiting a humanitarian crisis...

Obama maintains that he’s concerned about foreigners in need.  If that’s true, instead of worrying about 60 million refugees, maybe he could lead the way by putting doable action behind his own sanctimoniousness lecturing.

And what better place to start exercising those “My Brother’s Keeper” values he keeps talking about than with his own half-brother, George Obama, who despite his famous sibling’s desire to save the world from destitution, barely survives on but a few dollars a month.

...while Obama berates Americans for not doing enough for Middle Eastern refugees, in Kenya his drug and alcohol-addled brother George continues to live below the poverty line in an illegal tin hut in Nairobi’s filthy Huruma slum.

...George Obama spends his days gathering up foul smelling waste and delivering it to a centrally located Kenyan dumping ground.  For that, Barry’s baby brother earns 100 Kenyan shillings pay per ‘shovel ready’ bag, which in U.S. dollars comes to a rousing $.97 per sack.
When barry visited Kenya, his ancestral homeland, last summer, he made no attempt to reach out to his brother. If obama won't toss a few bucks his brother's way, he could at least encourage George to become one of the refugees obama wants to admit to America, and then lavish with welfare goodies.

After all, charity begins at home...

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