Thursday, March 5, 2015


We've had almost two weeks of dismal, dank weather. We've suffered through constant overcast and continuous drizzle. For the most part it's been cold as well. Even when we had a day or two of relatively mild temperatures, the clouds and drizzle hung around. It never rained hard, but there was always moisture in the air in the form of mist or drizzle. My windshield wipers have been permanently set on "Intermittent."

All that changed today. Late this morning the sun finally - FINALLY! - came out. I blew the cobwebs off my sunglasses, harnessed up the dogs, and went for a nice long walk. The temperature is still hovering near freezing and the wind is howling out of the north at around 25 MPH, but I don't care. It's sunny!!!

Now I know why so many people were sun worshipers. It is remarkable how much difference it makes.

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