Friday, February 13, 2015

Just In Time For Valentine's Day

... some data on 'romance.'
Comedians have made entire careers out of the assumption that married people don’t have sex. However, according to new data, married couples are getting more action than a couple of bunnies at the onset of spring. In fact, they tend to have more sex than their single counterparts.

Contrary to what ads for Cialis would have you believe, advancing age does correlate with the amount of sex people have.

However, this is not set in stone. Even within this advanced age group, there are people who still report having intercourse at least four times a week, with married men and women still beating out their single counterparts.

And, whoa, what’s going on with ‘partnered women’ in that age group? You’re going to have to look way down to find ‘partnered men.’ So, assuming men and women are at some point “partnered” to each other – one might have a few “questions” to ask about partnered women: are those counting times having sex with or without one’s partner?

In any event, even men and women in the 18-to 24-year-old age group ‘do the deed’ more while married than as sad sack singles.

Just how much are they doing it? For married women, the “sweet spot” appears to be two to three times a week.
Married men are in the same boat, although falling slightly short of their female counterparts.
So, in case you were wondering, marriage is not a death sentence for your sex life... According to these charts, it may even enhance it.
No word on the frequency of sex for married men who don't deliver the goods - flowers and candy - on Valentine's Day.

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