Friday, September 23, 2011

Surprised And Shocked

This semester I'm teaching the Introduction to Information Systems course, a class that is required of all business majors, regardless of whether or not they are an IS major. I haven't taught this particular course in several years. Instead, I've been teaching the capstone course for graduating seniors and a couple of grad courses. I'd forgotten what the intro course was like.

I gave the first exam of the semester to my Intro class yesterday.
"Class, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Reality."

"Mr. Reality, meet my students."
I had students show up that I haven't seen all semester. In spite of repeated advance notice, including multiple postings in our online chat room and multiple emails sent to each and every student, there were still a number that showed up without (A) a scantron (the machine-readable form for recording the exam answers); (B) a pencil (for filling out the scantron); (C) the book or their notes (it was an open-book exam); or (D) all of the above.

I am not the bookstore. I do not supply scantrons, pencils, or books to students. For some strange reason, this surprised and shocked them.

I had students wander in with less than 30 minutes left in the class, and then ask if they could have extra time to complete the exam because they didn't get as much time as their classmates. I said "No." More surprised and shocked students.

If they think they're surprised and shocked now, just wait until they get their grades.

UPDATE: I finished grading the exams. One student got a 54 - a fifty friggin' four - on an open book exam. How is that possible?!? There was also a 56, a handful of D's, and around 10 C's. There are 45 students in the class, so over 1/3 of them scored a C or lower on an open book exam.

I weep for the future...


JT said...

Are these freshmen? Do you ever get contacted by their mothers? While I do have one kid that struggles with organization, even he knows to take the basics to class.

I think you should capitalize on their failures. Buy some Scantrons and pencils and offer them at a 500% mark up to those that forget. Perhaps the price could go up with each subsequent purchase by the same student.

Bear said...

I'm gonna make my little brother read this, then re-warn him for the 734th time about the dangers of majoring in Beer & Girls during his higher education.

Old NFO said...

That is pretty @#@&* sad... Glad I'm not gonna be around when this generation takes over (if they can)

kerrcarto said...

Every year (when I rated highways for TxDot) we had to get certified. It was a three day course. Two teaching days and one test day. It was an open book test. I have seen 40 year old men flunk it. I always wondered how the fuck you can fail an open book test, but year after year I watched it happen.

Anonymous said...

EVERY physically fit person (men and woman) should be required to spend 2-years in the military directly after graduating from high school.

After that "reality lesson" there would be lots less "unorganized, careless, Care Less students entering college.

But I supose that's against their "Human Rights".

Thanks to the Liberal/Socialist ass-nuts and the "culture" chage which began in the 1960's.

CenTexTim said...

Toejam, I wish it were that simple. I was in the Army back when we had the draft. The draftees did more to degrade unit performance and drag down morale than anything else I experienced. And even back then there wasn't much that could be done about it.

Today, forget about it. You can't even yell at the little darlin's, much less use stricter discipline methods.

IMO getting rid of all the welfare and other entitlements and making 'em pay their own way would be a giant step towards encouraging individual responsibility and improving society. But we all know that'll never happen.