Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pigs Fly - and Republican Wins NY 9th Congressional District

 New York, New York - if you can make it there you can make it anywhere
Democrats, from the rank-and-file to President Obama, are worried -- as they should be -- about the surprise victory of a novice candidate, Republican Bob Turner, in New York City's 9th Congressional District.

Democrats had every advantage they could have asked for. They outnumber Republicans 3-to-1 in a district Dems have held since 1923. They vastly outspent Turner and the GOP, and even called in big guns like ex-President Bill Clinton and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to campaign for the losing Democrat, state Rep. David Weprin.

But they still lost.

It seems clear that voters, including a significant number of Democrats, are angry at Obama's policies -- so dissatisfied that they are willing to vote for newcomers, like Turner, who have never held political office.

Weprin's strategy largely consisted of calling Turner a tea party candidate and pledging allegiance to the Democratic line, on the assumption that his party's election machinery and support from unions would win the day. That was a mistake...
Candidate for understatement of the week.

Desperate democrats like Debbie Whatshername Schultz and Chuckie Schumer are in full spin mode.
Schultz Blames Orthodox Jews

Schumer Says District is 'too Jewish'
It's interesting to note that Weprin, the democrat loser, is Jewish, while Turner is Cathlic. Imagine that - those darn Jews crossing party lines to vote for a Catholic. Maybe obama shouldn't have made a practice of throwing Isreal under the bus.

Regardless, most of the nation will perceive this as a referendum on obama and his policies. That's something the democrats must change if they're to have any hope in 2012.

Since they have no chance if they run on obama's record, their only hope is to come out swinging early and often. Brace yourself for a long, nasty, dirty campaign.

Cornered rats can be dangerous...

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