Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

It was a long weekend ... followed by an even longer Monday ... so today's post is quick and dirty.

The objective is to help you realize that you've got a dirty mind. Get thee to church soonest.

My first thought was probably the same as yours, but after a close examination it could be a lamp.

The next one's a little more abstract, but with a little imagination you can see something besides the wine glasses.

While we're on the subject of alcohol, here's an interesting use of beer bottles.

Then there's the 'Candid Camera' approach.

Whew, all those pictures have gotten me a little heated up. Maybe a nice drink of water to cool off...


JT said...

I need to post a picture I have from when I was in Italy. I took a nice general photo of The David, and in the foreground of my picture is a lady that is clearly taking a close up of the statue's junk. Kinda funny, from back in the day when you didn't see your pictures until they were developed.

Old NFO said...

Those are 'funny' in the aspects, and where the mind will go...

Anonymous said...

There's a fountain in Copenhagen, Denmark ( very near the "little mermaid" statue) that spouts a thin stream of water about 12 feet into the air.

If you position yourself just right and have someone photograph the scene it appears like you're peeing 12-feet into the air.

Of cource, the most famous is:

The holding up of the tower of Piza. That's another pic that graces the photoalbums of thousands of tourists.