Friday, April 1, 2016

Not A Bad Way To Go

I hope my passing is as memorable as Buddy the Bucket List Dog's was - although my Bucket List will probably be different..
Buddy has touched many people around the world, but unfortunately his short life has come to an end.

The blue heeler, that has gained thousands of Facebook followers for his doggy bucket list, died on Wednesday morning, after his health sharply declined earlier in the week. The first sign Buddy had made a turn for the worst was a limp on Tuesday morning.

"I had my hopes up that it was okay, and then he limped over to the bed, and I knew it wasn't great," his owner Emily told Mashable Australia. She took him to a vet, who advised her that he was on the decline, and that within 48 hours Buddy probably wouldn't be able to walk.

"We took him home, cleared out the bedroom and put the air conditioner on cold, because that's how he likes it, and camped out with him on the floor," Emily said.

"He had a pretty good night. He had steak, both for dinner and breakfast, and had bacon as well," she laughed. "We just sat there all night playing ball and tug, with lots of cuddles, making the most of it. Then on Wednesday morning, he was put to sleep."

Diagnosed with a terminal cancer of the lymph nodes in early February, Buddy was only given four to six weeks to live. He outlived that, living for nine weeks after his diagnosis.

Buddy did more in his life than most humans, Emily said. He spent his days living out an epic bucket list such as meeting celebrities, being published in a calendar, featured in a book, painting his own paw painting, becoming "the face" of a product and riding around in a police car.
Buddy the Cop

Buddy the Easter Bunny
Buddy's last uncompleted bucket list item was to help other animals, which Emily is now helping him achieve, after death. All his toys will be donated to shelters, and the money raised for Buddy's bucket list endeavours will be donated to the Australian animal organisation, RSPCA.

"It's really cool, we've started a trend of helping others," Emily said. "Even though it's a horrible thing that's happened, and no one likes it, it can at least go out on a happy note."
Rest in peace, Buddy.


Bag Blog said...

That's sad, yet a dog bucket list makes me laugh.

Old NFO said...

If it made him and his owners happy, more power to them!

CenTexTim said...

BB - yeah, it's one of those feel bad/feel good stories...

NFO - sounds like it made everyone happy. Can't ask for more than that.