Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Would You Like A Sausage With Your Breast?

I'll fess up to being being a typical guy. One aspect of that entails enjoying the presence of scantily clad attractive young women. Of course, at my age and station in life (old, married, with children) that's mostly limited to having the occasional beer at a Hooters restaurant. Judging from the success of that chain and it's imitators, “breastaurants” are doing a booming business based on a simple understanding of their target customers.
“Men are simple creatures and so you don’t have to get too crazy to get them in the door,” (according to) Kristen Colby, the director of marketing for Twin Peaks franchise... She said that beer, sports, and beautiful women are all it takes.
It's hard to argue with that, considering how well the franchises are doing. In fact, they are doing so well that an entrepreneur has come out with a variation on that model featuring scantily clad attractive young men.
An all-male restaurant inspired by Hooters is now open for business in Dallas.

The restaurant, named Tallywackers, hires attractive men and serves comfort food including steaks, pizzas, pasta, and hot dogs.
Tallywackers? Really? That's the best name they could come up with? Oh well...
Just as the “Hooters” name is a play on a euphemism for women’s breasts, “Tallywackers” is a not-so-subtle nod to men’s genitals.

Owner Rodney Duke told the hosts of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show last month that “he has pondered for 10 years why there wasn’t a male equivalent of this type of ‘breastaurant’ eatery where women are dressed in skimpy and revealing clothing.”

“I expected to see cute men scantily clad. And so far, I’m not disappointed,” a customer told KDAF on Saturday.
The biggest problem I see with this approach is that the place can't decide if their target customers are female - or male.
The restaurant is situated in Dallas's Oak Lawn neighborhood, which has a large gay population. (Note: Oak Lawn is often referred to as Dallas' 'gayborhood.') Still, the spokesperson stressed that Tallywackers is a place for all customers.

"While we are aiming towards the LGBT community as part of our audience, we are also expecting and welcome, a diverse clientele including women," the spokesperson told HuffPost in April.
Early returns indicate that women aren't impressed.
But some ladies say they aren’t feeling the love and are slamming the place on social media.

“How about some straight men?”
Looks like you're out of luck, darlin'...

Tallywackers customers.

Tallywackers staff.


Bag Blog said...

Maybe it's not the same for older women. I don't really care to go see scantily clad young men. Most would be young enough to be my son and that would be creepy. Would my daughter be interested in something like this. Probably not. She would be more interested in a permanent relationship, but not with somebody on a waiter's wage.

CenTexTim said...

BB, my attitude towards the young gals is similar to looking at expensive new sports cars. I can admire them without wanting to own one. I know how much time, trouble, and $$$ it costs to maintain them.

Same thing with the waiters. They're just eye candy - like pretty pictures on the wall. Nice to look at, but nothing you'd want to take home - unless they're watercolors, of course... :-)

Old NFO said...

Gotta agree... And one DOES wonder whom they 'really' are catering to...

Randy said...

wow. can't unsee that.

CenTexTim said...

NFO - I don't care one way or the other, but from a business perspective they need to identify their target market. Trying to satisfy both segments will lead to problems.

Randy - sorry...