Saturday, June 20, 2015

Welcome To Cleveland

Tired of the relentless barrage of bad news, stupid ideas proposed by liberals, and the never-ending efforts of government at all levels to control even more aspects of our lives?

Yeah, me too.

So today it's time for some light-heartedness to give our minds and spirits a little break.

Guy Living Near Milwaukee Airport Paints “Welcome to Cleveland” on His Roof to Confuse Airplane Passengers
For nearly four decades, Mark Gubin has been playing an epic prank on people flying into his hometown. As aircrafts descend into Milwaukee’s Mitchell International airport, passengers are greeted with a warm, welcoming sign: ‘Welcome to Cleveland’!
The retired photographer revealed that he first got the idea for the sign from his assistant, when he was having lunch with her up on his roof in 1978. She had noticed all the low-flying planes in the area, and told him it would be nice to make a sign to welcome people to Milwaukee. But then Gubin came up with an even better idea – a sign welcoming them to the wrong city.

In order to avoid confusion, an announcement about the sign was made during a regular flight from Denver to Cleveland with a stop over at Milwaukee. On every flight, attendants reassured passengers that they have not missed their stop. But the prankster has never received any complaints from the airport or any of the airlines that have flown over the sign.
Then-City Council President Ben E. Johnson did write to Gubin, informing him that the sign was causing ‘outrage and panic’ among passengers. But he added that the city would allow the sign to remain, and not take any action against Gubin. “I was in Cleveland not too long ago and I agree with Mr. Gubin that anybody who wants Cleveland is welcome to it,” Johnson wrote.
 Life would be a lot more enjoyable if there were more people like Mr. Gubin among us.


Old NFO said...

I'm surprised he hasn't been sued for 'mental duress' by some asshat passenger... LOL

CenTexTim said...

Don't give them any ideas...

Anonymous said...

Since I live below a flight-path used by planes landing at the Asheville Regional Airport I'm thinking of painting: "Welcome to Baltimore...pick up your bullet proof vests as you exit the plane" on my roof.

As many of you might know Asheville, NC is a hive of UNC educated and indoctrinated liberals who "care", vote Democrat no matter who the idiot running is (hear that Hillary, you fat-ass Lesbo?), are econut morons dedicated to saving the planet by driving the automotive hallmark of the eco-swine community, the Toyota Prius, recycling everything from used diapers to wind-powered chainsaws and in order to save trees, use a mason's trowel to scrape the shit off their assholes.

CenTexTim said...

Toejam, I like the 'welcome to Baltimore' idea. Don't forget to put a "Support Your Local Police" sticker next to it.