Monday, January 12, 2015

Top Ten Reasons Why Obama Skipped France Rally

Here's a list of the real reasons barry didn't hop on Air Force One for the anti-terror rally in Paris.
10.  It was his turn to babysit Joe Biden.

9.    Michelle Obama wasn`t going to let him anywhere near those hot Parisian babes.

8.    Sunday is always reserved for a marathon session of playing Twister with former bodyman Reggie Love.

7.    ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Gahdadi forbade him from attending.

6.    Actually he was planning to attend, but then he learned that the rally was to protest Islamic terrorism and not in support of Jihad.

5.    It was a special day at the White House: NFL playoffs and barbeque Bo the pooch.

4.    Everyone knows that Sundays are reserved for a bondage session with Valerie Jarrett.

3.    Benjamin Netanyahu was there. Obama would rather give his wife a pedicure than be anywhere near that guy.

2.    Obama was too busy writing a love letter to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, or as he calls him " My hairy teddy bear Islamic sweetheart. "

1.    Obama was afraid a puss* like him wouldn`t be allowed in a gathering of world leaders.
But seriously, folks, let's take a closer look at barry's absence.

World Leaders Head Paris March Honoring Terror Victims

The headline is absolutely correct. World leaders marched as part of "a cry for freedom" to honor those killed in this week's terror attacks in Paris.

Notably absent was world non-leader barack hussein obama - or any other prominent member of his administration.


Obama White House Says Missing Paris March Was a Mistake
The Obama administration admitted it erred in not sending a top-level U.S. representative to a march in Paris for the victims of last week’s terrorist attacks.

“It’s fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday at a briefing in Washington. He refused to give any details about White House discussions on the rally, though he said President Barack Obama didn’t make the decision on who would attend on behalf of the U.S. (emphasis added)
That's a mind-staggering statement. Here's a huge event on the world stage. People around the globe have been captivated by the story. It's classic good vs. evil writ large. Billions are watching. And obama isn't involved in deciding who will represent the U.S.? Who did make the decision - Valerie Jarrett?

And just where was U.S. President Barack Obama?
Obama spent the weekend in Washington, but Earnest said he did not have details about how the president spent his time.
Biden also did not have any public commitments.

"The White House's explanation is pathetic," CNN host Fareed Zakaria said earlier in the day. "It's possible that you couldn't send Obama there — I thought this is why God invented vice-presidents."
Was Obama simply too busy to go to Paris? Possibly, but his schedule for today shows zero events. His schedule yesterday was similarly blank. Nor, according to the White House web site, does he have anything scheduled for tomorrow.

As so often happens with President Obama, we are left to wonder what he could possibly be thinking. Does he simply not care? Did he slip away from the White House for a few days to golf in a warmer climate? Or does he not want to be seen as strongly opposed to Islamic terrorism? Could his absence from Paris be part of his effort–seemingly delusional–to build some sort of detente, or even alliance, with Iran’s mullahs?

Once again, we are left scratching our heads. All we know for sure is, that at the biggest pro-freedom rally since the fall of the Berlin Wall, America was absent.  

So why didn't the President of the United States, the Vice-President of the United States, or at least the United States Secretary of State attend? Hell, AG Eric Holder was even in Paris at the time. I guess he couldn't be bothered to put down his croissant and show up to oppose terrorism.

One possible reason that no high ranking official attended is that obama really doesn't care about the war on terror, or its victims. That makes as much or more sense than any other excuse I've heard ooze out of that snake-infested administration.

Here's another, more likely, possibility.
So why didn’t POTUS show up?  A liberal friend emailed me that it was admittedly a “political mistake.”  ”Political,” yes, but “mistake”?  I doubt the decision was made innocently or even faintly by mistake.   Obama is a man known for his political expediency more than anything, indeed above anything, and also for being a constant campaigner.  It was obvious that going to Paris would have been good public relations and that therefore not attending was a deliberate choice.

There had to have been a reason for his non-attendance and the bizarre dissing of this event by his administration. I believe it stems from this: There are two words our president seems constitutionally unable to put together — “Islamic” and “terrorism.”  For Obama, these terms are mutually exclusive, an oxymoron.  Appearing in Paris, Obama might be put in the unusual position of having to link them, our complaisant press rarely having the nerve to ask such an impertinent question.
And U.S. standing in the world takes another hit...

World leaders went to the trouble of reserving a seat for obama, and he was still a no-show.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

He is, where his own ass is on the line, a gutless wonder.

Old NFO said...

WSF is correct, and USSS wasn't even asked to look at contingencies for a trip... interesting...

CenTexTim said...

WSF - he's a gutless wonder at all times..

NFO - yeah, I heard that the administration tried to play the 'security concerns' card. As if none of the other world leaders had 'security concerns' (Netanyahu, for example).