Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Funnies 2015.01.18

Today's topic (for unspecified reasons): wives.

There is no shortage of material...

A husband and wife were arguing.

After heated rounds of back-and-forth, the wife finally said:

"Tll me dear, do you want to win ... or do you want to be happy?

Steve Jobs is now working with God to create an "i-wife"
It will feature a slim design, respond quickly and cheerfully to verbal instructions, consume less resources, be more user friendly and less irritating, and, most importantly, come with a MUTE button.
Advance orders are sold out through 2025.

Being married is like having a 64GB ipod with only one song!

When your wife says "What", it does not mean she has not heard you. It means she is giving you a second chance to change your opinion.

I went to the emergency room the other day because I had a pretty severe laceration on my head. The admitting nurse asked the usual questions.

Nurse: name?
Patient: CenTexTim

Nurse: age?
Patient: 62 years old

Nurse : Married?
Patient : No. I just banged my head on an open cabinet door...

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