Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Update

By now you're probably seen this picture of a legless veteran carrying a barricade from the WWII monument to the White House.

He was part of this weekend's rally by veterans, truckers, and bikers protesting the obama administration's closing down our monuments and memorials. The American Thinker has an excellent photo report on the rally. Here's a few snippets from the article.
Several thousand U.S. Veterans and their admiring supporters descended on Washington D.C.'s WWII Memorial to protest the punitive treatment of Veterans by the Obama Administration during the ongoing government shutdown.

People drove through the night or flew in the day before from as far away as Florida, Louisiana, and California. One active-duty soldier flew in from Germany just to participate in the two-hour rally, and rushed off to fly back so he wouldn't be AWOL on Monday.

Vets ... took down the barricades blocking access to the WWII Memorial, some saying "Mr. Obama, tear down this wall."

The rally then moved west to the Lincoln Memorial, where vets again tore down barricades.
They then carried the barricades several blocks north and piled them up in front of the White House.
Where police in riot gear met them, along with at least one sniper on the White House roof, "in case the unruly mob of wheelchair-bound octagenarians and their supporters got completely out of hand and stormed the White House..."

The mood of the crowd is summed up in this sign.

No, veterans don't fear the federal government. But maybe the federal government should start fearing veterans. More and more of us are getting sick and tired of the contempt and abuse we're being showered with by career politicians and bureaucrats who never served and are only concerned with staying in power.

They need to be reminded they work for us, not the other way around.

Of course, after all the fun and games were over obama sent "essential government employees to re-install barrycades at the WWII Memorial".

Our tax dollars at work.
At some point this is going to get ugly...

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