Monday, October 7, 2013

FOD 2013.10.07

Sorry today's post is late, but it took me a while to get my blood pressure back down where it belongs after reading the statement below. (We also were without power for a few hours this morning, but that's beside the point.)

In a Sep. 17 memo from the person in charge of shutting down the U.S. government,* White House Office of Management and Budget Director Sylvia Burwell, she provided the following instruction to federal agencies.
"The determination of which services continue during an appropriations lapse is not affected by whether the costs of shutdown exceed the costs of maintaining services."
That, in a nutshell, is the perfect illustration of how far out of touch with reality the obama administration is.

* A single person shut down the entire U.S. government for the first time in 17 years.

Not a congressman, but an unelected woman named Sylvia Burwell who, as the relatively new director of the Office of Management and Budget, sent the email that initiated the process that has closed national parks, visitors’ centers and even the “panda-cam” at the National Zoo.

I also ran across this snippet which very cleverly creates a word that quite appropriately describes what obama has done to prevent access to our national landmarks - barrycading.
Over the past week we have witnessed the impressive shutdown theater engineered by the Obama administration. By shutdown theater I am referring to the closing or Barrycading of such landmarks as the WWII memorial, Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Finally, to further highlight the pettiness of obama and his minions in unnecessarily closing federal parks and lands, we have this story of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker basically telling obama to stick it where the sun don't shine.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is defying a directive from the National Park Service to close down several state parks that receive federal funding in the wake of the partial government shutdown.

The Republican governor has directed the state Natural Resources Department to keep open parks that receive a majority of their funding from the state, The Hill reported.

The department recently intervened after the Fish and Wildlife Service placed barricades near a  Mississippi River boat launch because it was on federal land. The barricades were removed because of a decades-old agreement between Wisconsin and the federal government, state officials said.

State officials also said Wisconsin will not not fully follow a Fish and Wildlife Service directive that hunting and fishing be prohibited on federal lands during the partial shutdown...
Could this be the present-day equivalent of the firing on Ft. Sumter?

One can only hope.

Not for an actual Civil War, of course, but for an organized, impassioned, and resolute pushback against the petty tyranny of obama and his administration.

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kerrcarto said...

Did you see that snopes actually "debunked"the helicopters flying the giant sheet picture. Only Obama voters could believe that actually happened, but it wouldn't surprise me if that asshole actually did it.