Monday, July 28, 2014

FOD Part II 2014.07.28

Following up on this morning's post regarding the growing case of obama-fatigue (we're tired of him, and he's tired of pretending to be the leader of the free world), here's several additional recent articles on the topic. In the interest of brevity I've just excerpted the highlights.

The first one is notable because it quotes an on-air personality from Air Obama, aka MSNBC, as saying We the People are "fatigued" of him.

Americans Are ‘Fatigued’ from Obama, Have Lost Confidence in Him
MSNBC host Chuck Todd said the American people are “fatigued” from President Barack Obama Monday on Morning Joe, in the wake of a poll showing Republican Mitt Romney would trounce him in a rematch of the 2012 election.

Co-host Thomas Roberts called the poll evidence of “voter’s remorse” for sending Obama back to the White House...
Regarding obama being "fatigued" of his job, take a look at these numbers.

Obama played 81 rounds of golf and attended 75 fundraisers since re-election
While domestic crises simmer and international conflicts flare, President Obama can be counted on to pitch and putt.

The duffer in chief has played 81 rounds of golf and had attended 75 political fund-raisers in the 628 days since his 2012 re-election, a Post analysis of his schedule found.

The president is on pace to double the 104 days he spent on the links during his first term.
That's a pretty good indication of someone who is tired of his day job.

Finally, Matthew Continetti has written an in-depth column opining that obama's post-presidency has already begun 2 1/2 years early. It's on the lengthy side, but it's worth reading in its entirety for the insight it provides into obama's state of mind.

Dialing It In
... I find nothing paradoxical about Obama’s recent pattern of behavior, nothing mysterious about the golfing, partying, traveling. It is quite obvious: Obama has given up.

He knows that his agenda is now limited to executive orders and bureaucratic regulation, and that even these measures are likely to be in the courts for years. He knows that his foreign policy agenda of engagement with the enemies of America will prove controversial and unpopular. He knows his staff has been ducking-and-covering ever since Lois Lerner announced the IRS had targeted Tea Party groups, and that they have been playing defense through Edward Snowden and Syria and and Crimea and the VA and now Bowe Bergdahl. He knows there is a chance that the Republicans will control Congress next January, and he has said, according to Politico, that this “would make his last two years in office unbearable.”
That's only fair. His first six years in office were unbearable to me.
Obama is golfing more than at any point in his term. In March, as Vladimir Putin launched the newest phase of his quest to recreate the Russian Empire, some in the White House had the temerity to suggest that it might not be a good idea to fly to Key Largo for a long weekend of golf and relaxation. Obama disagreed. “Obama sticks to Florida vacation schedule,” read one headline. This was one commitment on which the president would not renege. “I needed this,” he told guests, including his new friend Alonzo Mourning, over dinner at the Ocean Reef Club. “I needed the golf. I needed to laugh. I need to spend time with friends.” I am sure the Ukrainians understand.
Nice to know he has his priorities straight...


Mel said...

“would make his last two years in office unbearable.”
I won't hold my breath but I hope they're so damned unbearable he resigns.

CenTexTim said...

Yeah, but ... Biden as prez? Out of the frying pan and into the fire.