Thursday, December 13, 2012

Numbers Don't Lie, But Politicians And Journalists Do

Gee, what a surprise. Both the unemployment and underemployment rates 'unexpectedly' shot up in November (right after the election) following a dramatic and trend-bucking decrease in October (right before the election).
U.S. unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, was 7.8% for the month of November, up significantly from 7.0% for October. Gallup's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is 8.3%, nearly a one-point increase over October's rate.

What a coincidence...

If you happen to know an obama voter who just got laid off, here's a helpful list of things you can say to make them feel better about their situation.

1. "Hey, at least that successful Mormon businessman didn't win."

2. "Didn't your lady parts warn you this would happen?"

3. "Look at the bright side. Gay marriage passed in four states."

4. "Hey, Big Bird still has a job. Isn't that the important thing?"

5. "I am sure Obama cares deeply about your situation. Maybe he'll send you a postcard from Hawaii."

6. "Well, look at the bright side. Rush Limbaugh is getting a massive tax increase."

7. "Hey! Now you'll have more time to play with your unicorn."

8. "Isn't it worth losing your job to know that religious organizations now have to pay for abortions and contraceptives?"

9. "Well, now you and Keith Olbermann have something else in common."

10. "Forward!"

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