Monday, September 14, 2015

FOD 2015.09.14

Despite overwhelming public opposition to obama's Iran deal ("just 21% approve of the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program reached between the United States, Iran and other nations"), it looks like the democrats will prevail and the deal will become reality.

To review, it's a disastrous arrangement that will quite likely literally blow up in our faces.
There is already American blood on Iran’s hands, and this deal would give the world’s No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism billions of dollars to pass on to their friends like Hezbollah and Hamas. Will that make the world a safer place?

This deal leaves Iran with everything it needs to build a nuclear bomb, and now 12 other countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Syria, and Egypt, have announced plans to begin building nuclear weapons. Will that make the world a safer place?

Instead of the anytime, anywhere inspections that were promised, this deal gives the Iranians up to a month to hide and cover up any wrongdoing before investigators can make inspections. Will that make the world a safer place?

President Obama says this deal is the only way to prevent war. President Obama, sanctions worked to prevent war in the past. If you want to make the world a safer place, you should call for strengthening sanctions, not eliminating them.
To make matters worse, Iran now apparently has its own plentiful supply of uranium.
Iran has discovered an unexpectedly high reserve of uranium and will soon begin extracting the radioactive element at a new mine, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said on Saturday.

 After decades of efforts, Iran has achieved a full nuclear fuel cycle, ranging from the extraction of uranium ore to enrichment and production of fuel rods for nuclear reactors.

Referring to the July nuclear agreement reached between Iran and world powers, (Iranian nuclear chief Ali Akbar) Salehi gave an assurance that the deal would not slow down the country’s nuclear industry or bring it to a halt.
Even if congress somehow rejects a deal that less than a quarter of Americans approve of, and that a majority of congress opposes, it won't matter. The European Union is already salivating at the thought of access to Iranian oil and gas.
Iran could become a major supplier of natural gas to the European Union by the end of the next decade, according to new estimates from the bloc’s executive following the nuclear deal reached with Tehran this summer.

Western governments and energy companies have been positioning themselves to once again tap Iran’s rich oil and gas reserves since the prospects of a nuclear deal—and a resulting easing of sanctions on Tehran—improved earlier this year.

Earlier this month, the EU’s energy and climate commissioner, Miguel Arias Cañete, held a lunch meeting with delegates from European energy companies, including RWE AG, E.On AG, BP PLC, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Repsol SA, Total SA, Engie SA and Statoil ASA—to discuss possibilities in Iran.

The get-together followed contacts between commission staff and officials in Tehran, the European official said, as well as recent visits to Iran by ministers from the U.K., France, Italy, Poland, Germany and Spain, among others.
With friends like those, who needs enemies?

Of course, it's not just our so-called allies who are stabbing us in the back. Our own political 'leaders' are betraying us as well. Check out this story chronicling how much money pro-Iranian organizations have donated to key politicians.


With the fourteenth anniversary of 9/11 still fresh in our minds, let's put this deal in perspective.

Speaking of perspective, here's the front page of the 9-11-2015 edition of the New York Times. Notice two things: (1) the prominent story celebrating obama's Iranian deal; and (2) the complete absence of any mention of 9/11. Not that I'm surprised.

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Well Seasoned Fool said...

Maybe obama has secured "peace in our time" and the left is applauding "diplomacy wins". Neville Chamberlain, anyone? We may have a short time of peace but our grandchildren will know war for a long time.

Well Seasoned Fool said...
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CenTexTim said...

WSF - or our grandkids will know a very short, intense war...