Saturday, September 28, 2013

Open Letter to Hertz

Sent to Mr. Mark Frissora, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Hertz:
Mr. Frissora:

I rented a Hertz car from the Boerne TX location on Tues. Sep. 17 (contract # xxxxxxxxxxx). When I went to return it on Thurs. Sep. 19 it would not start. I called the rental location and informed them of the problem. They said they would send someone out to pick it up.

They didn't.

I called them again on Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Each time I was assured that the car would be retrieved. As I write this email one week later your rental car is still sitting in front of my house.

To make matters worse, I have begun receiving robocalls from the Hertz Vehicle Control Department threatening me with legal action unless I return the car. When I try to return the calls I either get a busy signal, or I get put on hold, and then I get disconnected. I've mentioned this in my conversations with the local rental agency. They told me that they've informed the appropriate internal Hertz departments, and the car should have been picked up, and the calls should have stopped.

The car is still here. The calls keep coming.

I am a Hertz Gold Plus Club Member (#xxxxxxxx). I paid the premium to join because I was impressed by the service and courtesy shown by your firm. I am beginning to question the wisdom of that decision.

Since it is proving impossible to talk with a human being at the Vehicle Control Department, I am contacting you. Please take whatever steps are necessary to retrieve your car and to end the phone calls.

Thank you.
There are plenty of other rental car companies out there with vehicles that run and customer service departments who answer the phone.

Just sayin'...


Old NFO said...

I'm curious as to how this will end... :-)

CenTexTim said...

So am I. It's now Sunday morning, and the car's still there ... and the calls are still coming. I guess I'll call the local agency (again) tomorrow.