Friday, September 20, 2013

One Of THOSE Days

We've all had days like this.
A day where you just want to break something, preferably something that will scream and/or bleed as you do it. You may or may not know of any direct causes, but most often, something bad happened early in the day which started you off in a generally bad distemperment that only got worse as multiple unfortunate events compounded to effectively gang-rape and murder your overall disposition.

Yesterday was one of those days.

It actually started two days before (Tues.), when I took my truck into the shop. The preliminary estimate was that the work would take a couple of days, so I picked up a rental car. Wednesday went okay. Thursday morning started off just fine. Then the car repair place called.
  • The good news - my truck was ready
  • The bad news - the bill was north of $1000
  • The really bad news - the rental car wouldn't start. Dead battery. Guess where my jumper cables were. That's right ... in my truck.
  • The really, really bad news - The assisted living facility where my father lives called. He fell down and hit his head on an end table. Blood everywhere, and I had no way to get there.
I managed to catch a ride to the car repair place, picked up my truck, and zoomed into San Antonio (we live about an hour away from where Dad lives). By the time I got there he'd been checked out by the nurse on duty at the assisted living facility. I also had a bit of good luck for a change. An M.D. happened to be there checking on another resident and he took a look at Dad. Turned out to be 'only' a cut. A few stitches closed it up, but you know how bloody head wounds can be. So it was much ado about (thankfully) nothing, more or less.

But there was still the aftermath to deal with - cleaning up his apartment, washing sheets and clothes, keeping him awake and constantly asking questions to test his mental state (just in case there was a concussion or some other delayed response), filling out medical forms, and on and on. (How many times do I have to tell Medicare and the medical insurance company where he lives? And his birthday? It hasn't changed in 95 years. Why do they think it's changed since the last time I told them when it was?).

Then I got stuck in rush hour traffic leaving the city. I moved to the country to get away from crap like that.

I finally got back home. Dad was fine. My truck was fine. The rental car is sitting in the driveway waiting for Hertz to come haul it off. I settled back into my chair with a big sigh and a cold Shiner. Then I heard my daughter call.

"Daaad, there's something wrong with the computer..."

Thank God it's Friday. I'm going to do some serious 'relaxing' this weekend...


Sparky said...

Wow! That is a bad week! One way my husband and I like to relax after something stressful is poke a few holes in few targets. One can even draw pictures of [cough] elected officials and that REALLY makes one's day happy! :) Works for me every time.
God bless.
(Popped over from our mutual friend Hope 'N Change blog.)

CenTexTim said...

Thanks for dropping by, Sparky. Yeah, I've had better days. I subscribe to your method of stress relief, but I use actual photos. I guess I could get in trouble if the feds ever found out...