Thursday, March 17, 2016

Politics In Pictures

After digesting the latest primary results, and after careful consideration of the remaining candidates to hold the most powerful elected office in the world, I have come to one conclusion.

This whole mess could have been avoided if the republicans had done what they were elected to do.

According to my crystal ball, Trump will win the republican nomination, but will get trounced by hillary in the general election. His negatives are too high, which will result in people turning out to vote against him. Some of them will even be alive...

Plus hillary and her gang are masters of getting away with things that would put you or me in prison if we did them.

It really doesn't matter whether hillary or Bernie win the nomination. If either of them become president we're doomed.


Old NFO said...

That last one says it all... sigh

Randy said...


CenTexTim said...

NFO and Randy - the presidential race has gone from being a joke to having the potential to really screw up this country for decades - or longer.