Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Update

Saturday the wife and I completed the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course. She wanted to become more familiar with handguns, and I know better than to try and teach her myself.

We spent the morning in a classroom setting learning how to handle firearms safely, understanding the difference between revolvers and semi-automatics, becoming familiar with firearms care and maintenance, and getting a grasp of shooting fundamentals (stance, grip, sight picture, trigger control, breath control). After a nice lunch it was off to the range, where we whiled away the afternoon pleasantly punching various sized holes in paper. The weather couldn't have been better - clear blue skies, light wind, and just enough coolness in the air to make a long-sleeved shirt comfortable.

The good news is that she is now more comfortable handling handguns. The bad news (well, it's not really all that bad) is that she wants her own pistol. I'm more than happy to add another gun to 'our' collection.

She struggled with operating the slide on most of the semi-autos we fired, so she's in the market for a revolver. The one she gravitated towards was a S&W 442.

It fit her hand nicely, she was able to handle the recoil without trouble, and the bullets went where she aimed. It's a lightweight (aluminum alloy frame) DAO .38 with a shrouded hammer. The trigger pull out of the box is a little heavy (around 12-14 pounds), but I think we'll wait and see how it is after a couple of hundred practice rounds before we think about a trigger job.

Thankfully, she isn't attracted to cute pink guns.

In other news, I ran across this tidbit buried in the back pages of Sunday's newspaper.

Tunisia completes construction of Libya border fence
Tunisia's defense minister has visited an anti-jihadi fence that's being built on the country's border with Libya to stop Islamist militants from entering Tunisian territory.

Defense Minister Farhat Horchani inspected the first completed part of the 196-kilometer (122-mile) fence Saturday, which aims to counter the threat from jihadi militants and render the entire border impassable by vehicles. Horchani said the project came about with financial assistance from Germany and the U.S. (emphasis added)
In other words, our country is willing to spend money to help secure the borders of a country half way around the world from us, but is not willing to do the same thing here at home.


Tunisian border fence built with U.S. funds


Bag Blog said...

I have some sort of slide gun. My husband takes me out for practice now and then, because I forget how to use it. I would rather have a revolver.

Randy said...

My wife had the same issue with semi-autos. Opted for s similar revolver. It kicks really hard, shorter barrel and only 13 ounces. Polymer frame. She wanted lightweight to carry in her purse. There are trade-offs.

Old NFO said...

Always tradeoffs... But glad she's stepping up! Re the fence, should we really be surprised?

CenTexTim said...

BB - Choose whatever you are most comfortable with, and then practice practice practice!

Randy - I agree with NFO below - there are always tradeoffs. The important thing is that she (1) is comfortable with it; (2) practices often; and (3) actually carries it.

NFO - no, not really surprised.