Friday, June 3, 2016


I'm writing this while 'enjoying' a four hour layover at the Denver airport. As airports go it's not bad, but spending four hours in any airport is a giant PITA. Anyway... 

One of the nice things about being up in the mountains is the lack of contact with the real world. I should say lack of easy contact, because I could check in - it just was a lot of trouble to do so.

While I was there I heard a little bit about the kid who fell into the gorilla enclosure, and the subsequent shooting of the ape. A tragedy, we all agreed, with some questions about the parenting skills of the kid's mom and dad.

Then I got to the Denver airport, with high speed wi-fi, and started catching up on the news. All was well until I ran across this.

Protesters Say Gorilla Was Shot Because of “White Privilege”

I'm having trouble copying content from the link, but go there and read the whole thing. Un-frigging-believable.

Here's one short example.

Killing an endangered gorilla at a zoo for a white boy's safety is white privilege. If the boy was black they would've found a tranquilizer.

As it turns out, the child is black, which makes those racist idiots look even stupider. But somehow, I doubt if they have enough self-awareness to be appropriately ashamed and embarrassed.

It's enough to make a guy want to turn around and head back up into the mountains.


Old NFO said...

Yep, NOT being connected isn't necessarily a bad thing for the old BP... sigh

CenTexTim said...

It makes you realize how many really stupid people there are in this world...