Monday, July 1, 2013

World Tour Update #11

Arrived in New Zealand late last night. I'll be hunting red stag the next few days while the wife and kids go off on adventures of their own.

Currently watching CNN while awaiting my turn in the shower. First time I've really paid attention to the news in weeks. I haven't missed much:

NSA leaker Eric Snow den is seeking asylum in Russia. Putin is thumbing his nose at the US.

Big scandal regarding the US spying on European allies.

Situation in Egypt is deteriorating. Arab spring is turning out to be terrorist spring.

It is apparent that Obama is totally incompetent and way over his head. Oh yeah, he's also on vacation.

What else is new?


JT said...

You left out the gay marriage ruling and immigration "reform" vote.

CenTexTim said...

Heard about the gay marriage ruling and the Texas abortion law debacle (yes, that made the international news).

Haven't heard anything about immigration reform, but from the tone of your comment I don't think I want to.

Sometimes ignorance is indeed bliss.