Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back In The Hole

Life underground may be safer for one of the rescued Chilean miners. We already knew that Johnny Barrios had both a wife and a mistress waiting for him when he poked his two-timing head above ground. Now it turns out he had not one but two mistresses.
The married Don Juan of the trapped Chilean miners dug himself into a deeper hole when it was revealed that he had not one, but two mistresses.

Susana Valenzuela, Johnny Barrios' mistress who greeted him after his rescue on Wednesday, reportedly said her man was also romancing a 25-year-old woman. But Valenzuela, 52, squashed the relationship between Barrios and the younger woman.

When the younger paramour visited him at the hospital treating the rescued miners, Valenzuela barred her entry, according to Columbia radio station La FM.

The Latin Lothario's wife, Marta Salinas, refused to show up when her hubby was hoisted up.

"If he wants to see me or talk to me he can come find me," Salinas told the Daily Mail of London at the time. "Otherwise we can talk through our lawyers." 
Who does this guy think he is, Tiger Woods?

Usually I take the guy's side, but I'm with the wife on this one.

In related news, Mining Reality Show "Coal" Headed to Spike TV.
Spike TV has reportedly picked up a reality show about the harsh world of coal mining.

"Coal," which will be produced by the same team that brought forth "Deadliest Catch," will be a docuseries chronicling the lives of coal miners in West Virginia, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
It'll never match my favorite reality TV series about people struggling to survive and prosper in a dank, muck-filled environment (no, it's not about politicians...)


Harper said...

I don't know jack about Chilean law, but one would think that Johnny Barrios should be a little more cautious about how he is treating the legal wife, if he expects to keep any revenue generated as a result of his experience. And, from a girl's point of view...WTF? He didn't look like much of a catch (neither did his mistress!) What is it about that guy that he has three women?

CenTexTim said...

I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out what women find attractive in men.

As for Chilean law, I'm even more ignorant than you (insert your own joke here...). However, the country is about 70% Catholic. If that carries over into the legal system the wife will be sitting pretty.