Thursday, May 5, 2016

Throwback Thursday 2016.05.05

The year was 1993. Back then I was naïve enough to believe that the opinions of us common folk mattered to politicians. So I wrote a letter to then-president Bill Clinton.

I don't recall what the subject was. A quick Google search revealed that there was a lot of discussion regarding his (and hillary's) health care proposal, so maybe that was it. If we knew then the abomination known as obamacare was coming, we might have whole-heartedly accepted the Clinton's plan.

Anyway, I wrote ol' Bill a letter (this was in the days before email and social media were the generally accepted means of communicating).. His response is below.

Click to embiggen.

Typical piece of meaningless political BS. I haven't written a letter (or email) to a politician since.


Anonymous said...

We're screwed, CTT. As sure as everyone must face East (from Americarabia) to pray to Mecca. It's over, thanks to the great Kahunga, Poobah and Potentate Obama. This country's millions of ordinary people were either too stupid or gullible to see through his "hope & change" bullshit and comprehend the "Basically Transform" policy, i.e. Socialism powered by Liberal Bullies.

Now I hear that my State (North Carolina) has been served with a Federal Justice department notice (Demand) to scrap the HB-2 and allow hairy, nut-sack and dick bearing fruits into ladies rooms or the Feds will withhold millions of dollars in Federal aid for education. House bill 2 is discriminatory against 0.8% of the population. I say let those few either take a dump at home or wear depends.

Maybe the States took the "King's Shilling" and deserve it, but this ain't the America I grew up in or want to live in.

However, I've tried living in a foreign country and it was worse. It was benign ole Socialist Ireland occupied by a population of welfare stooges where the small minority of hard-working folks were taxed to the hilt to give a majority of the population consisting of drunken & drug using parasites (male & female) everything from cash, clothes, transportation + free housing as the slick lying politicians stole everything in sight and sent their millions to the "off shore" banks.

I see America going in that direction now. We're almost there. If Hillary (and it looks very possible) is elected president that'll be the last nail in my country's coffin.


Old NFO said...

Yep, obfuscation and a feel good letter, probably yours never even got out of the mail room.

CenTexTim said...

Toejam - what about the rights of normal women to use the restroom without coming face to face (so to speak) with a set of twig and berries? I guess they don't count...

NFO - it was a waste of a perfectly good stamp.

Anonymous said...

I know about a woman's rights and my message was to vent my vitriol about how Turd-Breath Obama and his Hench-people (gotta be gender neutral) can shove their shit down American's throats while at the same time kiss the Muslim's asses.